Commercial Pressure Washing in Cincinnati, OH

The Subtle Difference between Commercial Power and Pressure Washing

To get pressure washing or to get power washing? That’s the question. The two terms are often used replaceable, but they are not actually the same thing. Although they are similar, a few small differences have huge implications. Power washing often uses heated water and is meant more as a surface treatment. It is also often sold for commercial use only rather than commercial and residential use. Pressure washing, on the other hand, uses cold water, pressure, and a proprietary cleaning solution to provide cleaning that is much more efficient and effective. In this section, learn more about our washing services and why it’s a smart choice for cleaning your commercial property.

What is Commercial Pressure Washing?

Unlike everyday washing, it uses a unique mixture of water and detergent, which is then forced under high pressure to clean buildings and sidewalks. The high pressure pushes the cleaning solution deep into the concrete and bricks without damaging the aesthetics of the building. Commercial pressure washing also provides a more effective cleaning solution than power washing. It removes many of the causes of long-term cosmetic problems, many of which could cause significant damage if left untreated. For this reason, pressure washing is an essential tool in building maintenance and is often recommended as a monthly or bi-monthly service. It maintains the appearance of your building and helps prevent major problems down the road.

Perks of Commercial Pressure Washing Services

In addition to providing more cleaning power than traditional washing, commercial pressure washing has several advantages. It saves you time and money with less time spent cleaning, but it boasts a wide range of other benefits such as:

Curb Appeal Improvement

It isn’t just about selling a building. The curb benefits the businesses inside the building; if the building always looks clean and new, customers will go there more often. Dirt and grime accumulate in older buildings, and mold grows along the exterior in damp areas. All these things together make the buildings look old and dirty. Black mold covers the walls, and the rest is visibly unclean. Regular pressure washing keeps the building facade fresh and clean by removing dirt and grime. Even old buildings will look like new ones if they are regularly pressure-washed. Removes mold and mildew stains as well.

Repair Prevention

Mold, algae, dirt, and bird droppings are too bad to look at. In fact, they can cause rot and wear and tear on the building. For example, bird droppings are very acidic. If allowed to build up, they can actually weaken the structure. Mold can cause health problems, and mold and algae can eat away at the design of a building. Regular cleaning will prevent serious maintenance problems in the future. Pressure washing may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but it will definitely save you money in the long run. Regular washing will prevent costly repairs later. Buildings are like anything else: keeping them clean will extend their lifespan.

Clean Sidewalks

Sidewalk cleaning is usually part of a washing service. Public sidewalks get dirty over time. Old gum accumulates, waste stains appear, and they are covered in dirt. Commercial pressure washing takes care of sidewalks in front of your building and will remove even the deepest stains and leave the sidewalk looking like new. This only increases the curb appeal of your building and the businesses within it. If your building is spotless, but the sidewalk is dirty, customers still avoid your building. Cleaning the sidewalks invites customers in.

Improved Safety and Hygiene of Your Buildings

Mold, mildew, algae, and dirt are constantly accumulating in your building. These substances can affect the air quality throughout the building and become a significant health risk. In addition to the allergies that can affect workers, these substances can lead to severe health conditions such as asthma. Regular pressure washing promotes good air quality and hygiene for the people who work in your building. Mold, mildew, or algae can also accumulate on the pavement. When they do, they create a dangerously smooth surface. People can easily slip, fall and injure themselves on a dirty sidewalk. It removes this danger.

Removal of Graffiti

In addition to removing dirt and mold, pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to remove graffiti. Most other cleaning methods simply aren’t effective enough to remove graffiti, but pressure washers make it a breeze. Graffiti defaces your building and the buildings around it. Unless you use a professional washing service to remove it, you won’t find another way to do it.

We Guarantee a Quick Inspection

Did you know? Dirt, grime, and mold can hide structural and maintenance issues until they’re big enough for you to notice. Cleaning your building regularly is an excellent way to be sure you catch any problems before they become more serious (potentially leading to costly maintenance issues or, worse, a failed inspection). It’s better to clean early than late, and it’s better to schedule regular maintenance than wait until you absolutely need it. Regular maintenance through scheduled pressure washing can not only keep your building looking spotless but save you money and time by streamlining monthly inspections. After all, a clean building is much easier to inspect than a dirty one.

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We Use Latest Technology at Work

We use the latest technology in the industry which makes our commercial power washing superior. We provide water on-site with a modern fleet of direct trucks that transport up to 1,300 gallons of water. Wastewater recovery and disposal requirements are strictly met by our innovative wastewater recovery systems. We also have lifting platforms that our trained technicians are certified to operate. All customers have at their disposal an experienced account manager who ensures effective communication of all projects throughout the entire project